V.A. : Elektroakustische Musik Aus Finnland

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Patrick Kosk、Petri Hiidenkari、Harri Vuori、Tapio Nevanlinna、Petri Hiidenkariの5人。
やはりこの中ではPatrick KoskとPetri Hiidenkariです。
リュック・フェラーリの「Tautologos and ...」とか好きな人にもオススメ。

A Patrick Kosk - Transmissions In A... 18:25
B1 Petri Hiidenkari - Kraftig Und Bewegt 5:22
B2 Harri Vuori - Nagual 5:15
B3 Tapio Nevanlinna - You Offer Me Out Of Water The Sun 4:28
B4 Petri Hiidenkari - Kreuzwege 5:03

"Musique concrete" realized at the experimental studio of Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Company) in Helsinki, Finland.
Transmissions in A... (1981)
Kraftig und bewegt (1985)
Nagual (1986)
You offer me out of water the sun (1985)
Kreuzwege (1987)

"This recording was made possible by the "Foundation for the promotion of Finnish music" (LUSES), the "Finnish broadcasting company" (YLEISRADIO) and "Noch Musik".
Comes with a 4-page 12" insert in Finnish, German & English.

"Elektroakustische Musik aus Finnland " is a convenient way to entitle this compilation that is only used by the label online.
Therefore this title doesn't appear anywhere on release.

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