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MORTON FELDMAN : For Christian Wolff

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  • Format: 3CD [BRIDGE9279A/C]
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  • Label: Bridge

"2008 release. Performed by the California EAR Unit (Dorothy Stone, flute; Vicki Ray, piano, celesta). "For Christian Wolff is one of Morton Feldman's final compositions, and stands alongside the four-hours-plus For Philip Guston, the 70-minute For John Cage, and the six-hour String Quartet II. Writing about hearing this work, Christian Wolff says that 'I found the experience of listening to it beautiful and interesting -- it moves away partly from our (Morty's, John Cage's and mine) original preoccupation with just sound and sonority into areas of self-awareness about listening, being a listener, as such, because there's so much time to be thinking of this and that as well as just listening.' The California EAR Unit's performances of Feldman's For Philip Guston (BRIDGE 9078CD) and Crippled Symmetry (BRIDGE 9092CD) have received high praise from the international musical press.""

- samples -

Disc A "For Christian Wolff" (1986) 60:08
Disc B "For Christian Wolff" (1986) 54:59
Disc C "For Christian Wolff" (1986)

Flute – Dorothy Stone
Piano, Celesta – Vicki Ray

California E.A.R. Unit

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