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LCB / SVART1 : Haram Wounds

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  • Format: TAPE [MS-040]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.15kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"A special collaboration tape release between 2 well known Italian projects! LCB: Born in 2008, initially structured in long sessions of live electronics, with direct manipulations of digital samples and a constant use of rhythmic cells, evolved or regressed to a philological approach faithful to what has often characterized the music Industrial and Power Electronics: use only analogue instruments: analog synthesizer and pedals. The major influence of the project are historical realities as the international Ramleh, Sutcliffe Jugend, Genocide Organ, as well as notes and predominant indigenous reality as Maurizio Bianchi, Murder Corporation, Laxative Souls, Mauthausen Orchestra. Svart1 is Raimondo Gaviano, who works in the fields of Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, live-performance and visuals. He is a collector of sounds and noises, which are the basis of his music. He generates it from field-recordings, synthezisers, guitar, dulcimer, pc or other interesting stuffs."

A1 Haram Wounds 6:20
A2 A Open Wounds 5:45
A3 Fatima Wound 4:52
A4 Ante Haram 5:08
B1 Concime Per Concime 3:14
B2 Lost Kids Forced 5:50
B3 Phosphorus 4:19
B4 Through WadiI Al-Dawasi 4:47

Graphics – Raimondo Gaviano

Collaboration limited to 50 copies.

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