PAUL PANHUYSEN : A Magic Square Of 5 To Look At - A Magic Square Of 5 To Listen To

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Het Apollohuisを設立、監督したオランダのサウンドアーティストPaul Panhuysenの2004年リリース。

1 A Magic Square Of 5 To Listen To 30:50 - sample -

Computer [Assistance] ? Dr. Leon van Noorden
Design ? Meeuw
Liner Notes ? Paul Panhuysen
Technician [Technical Assistance] ? Rene Adriaans

Presented as a room installation 'A magic square of 5 to look at' is a floorpiece of 5 by 5 meters and 'A magic square of 5 to listen to' can be heard through a quadraphonic sound system, surrounding the floorpiece. It performs four staffs of the the score independently, starting about 5 seconds after each other. The audience moves around the floorpiece in the space.
The work was designed for and premiered as a site-specific sound installation at the Puddles Festival 2003 at Jusshi Square School in Tokyo, September 13-24, 2003. The CD is published on the occasion of the EARATIONAL Festival 2004 in 's-Hertogenbosch.
The sounds were recorded on computer, using the programme CSOUND, with the assistance of Dr. Leon van Noorden. The master CD-R was made with technical assistance of Rene Adriaans.
Honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2004.
Limited edition of 500.

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