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ベン・パターソンといっしょに演奏したこともあるというコントラバス奏者Christopher Williamsとおなじみ即興チューバ奏者Robin Haywardとのデュオ。
9″ x 6″ の20ページの写真のパンフレット入り。

1 Arcanum 17 42:01

Composed By ? Charlie Morrow, Christopher Williams
Liner Notes [Program Notes] ? Charlie Morrow, Christopher Williams
Performer [Reidemeister Move], Contrabass ? Christopher Williams
Performer [Reidemeister Move], Tuba [Microtonal Tuba] ? Robin Hayward
Performer, Voice [Voice (English)] ? Charlie Morrow
Performer, Voice [Voice (French) And French-English Translations] ? Maija-Leena Remes
Photography By [Andre Breton Photograph] ? Man Ray
Photography By [CD Edition] ? Mike Harrison
Producer [CD Edition Produced By], Mastered By [CD Edition] ? Sean McCann
Producer [Production, Co-produced By] ? Other Media
Producer [Production, Produced By] ? Charles Morrow Productions LLC, Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Technician, Engineer [Assistant Sound Engineer], Recorded By [Field Recordings], Cameraman [Videographer] ? Mike Harrison
Technician, Engineer [Recording Engineer] ? Bernd Friebel
Technician, Engineer [Sound Engineer], Recorded By [Field Recordings], Sound Designer [3D Sound Designer] ? Tyler Clausen
Technician, Programmed By [Software Programmer] ? Jeff Aaron Bryant
Text By [Composed After Texts By] ? Andre Breton

Credits & Production:

Bernd Friebel ? recording engineer for Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Tyler Clausen ? sound engineer for CMP [...]
Mike Harrison ? assistant sound engineer for CMP [...]

Production and Publishing
Produced by Charles Morrow Productions LLC and Deutschlandfunk Kultur
Published and co-produced by Other Media (c)(p) Other Media (ASCAP)
Thank you to Nutaaq Media, Inc. for their generous support

CD Edition
R.M. photograph Copyright Holly M. Gilbert (2016)
Recital, Los Angeles, California
Recital Fifty Two (R52)
First edition of 200pc
Copyright & all rights reserved, 2018
On disc:
R52, c 2018
Pamphlet, p.4: Andre Breton photograph by Man Ray (1930)
Title on front and on disc, face side:
Reidemeister Move plays Arcanum 17
From the Recital website:
A sound novella recorded in 2012 in remote Eastern Quebec.
CD issued in 9″ x 6″ 20-page color pamphlet with photos and program notes.

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