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OFFICE-R(6) : Mundane Occurences and Presentations

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  • Format: CD [LIGHT002CD]
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  • Label: Lampse

"Based in Amsterdam the members originally come from Norway, the Netherlands, Turkey and the US. Among other experimental groups, they form part of the N Collective, 'an international network of musicians, improvisers and composers' which 'develop new music in the fields of improv, electronic music, noise, jazz, and contemporary music.' An electro-acoustic unit, Office-R(6) manage, in this process, to initiate an interesting dialogue between the electronic and the acoustic part of their sound. Each member of the group uses its advanced skills to maintain an impressive accuracy throughout each piece, which results in an almost mathematically precise combination of acoustic improvisation, electronic textures and sound experimentation. This hyperactive collision of prepared and intuitive elements though does not rule out the human touch. Among the frantic explosions of tones, samples and textures, the various parts of this unorthodox orchestra momentarily unite in a short climax, only to fall apart in the next split second. This continuous musical charge and change of pace is the driving force behind the group's dynamics, marking a tour de force of both discipline and stamina. Office-R(6)'s friendly experimentation is informed by many different chapters of musical history. From legendary acts like Evan Parker, MEV and Anthony Braxton to contemporaries John Zorn (Game Pieces) and the Finnish Rauhan Orkesteri, the group's musical references cannot be pin-pointed to a singular source. Their sound is, instead, in constant flux, kept together by the determination to explore the boundaries of structured improvisation and the fusion between the electronic and the acoustic in a non-restricted environment."

- samples -

1 Relative In Enmity For The Members
2 Operation Gratefulness To Articulate
3 It Makes Events Circle Around It
4 Different Methods To Achieve Music (And Pre-Recorded Percussion)

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