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  • Label: Atavistic

"Based in Switzerland, saxophonist Christoph Gallio has been very active in Europe since the 1980s, but remains relatively unknown to American ears -- even though his trio, Day & Taxi , toured the U.S. a couple of times. He performs and writes a wide range of music, from the sleek and elegant modern jazz of the aforementioned group to free improv (with Ensemble Uncontrolled) and Steve Lacy-inspired song cycles. He has recorded for Leo, Slam, Unit, and his own label, Percaso. At age 20, Gallio enrolled in the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung, an art school in Basel; his professional career started at the same time, including experiences with Oskar Giger's Pig Band; the Gulli Group (w/ Günter Müller); the WIM Orchestra (w/ Irène Schweizer and Norbert Möslang); and Tiegel, a trio with pianist Urs Voerkel and bassist Peter K. Frey. The latter project lasted until 1983; he also began to collaborate with dancers around the same time, something he would continue to do throughout his career. In 1989, Gallio went to Paris to study with leading avant-garde saxophonist Steve Lacy. The trio he formed afterwards, Day & Taxi would be very much influenced by his elegance. The early '90s saw him perform with Fred Frith and Phil Minton, and in a duet with Japanese drummer Takashi Kazamaki."

- samples -

1 Improvisation, No. 1 2:32
2 Improvisation, No. 2 4:46
3 Improvisation, No. 3 2:50
4 Improvisation, No. 4 2:20
5 Improvisation, No. 5 9:03
6 Improvisation, No. 6 3:14
7 Improvisation, No. 7 4:00
8 Improvisation, No. 8 4:56
9 Improvisation, No. 9 3:15
10 Improvisation, No. 10 0:50
11 Improvisation, No. 11 2:53
12 Improvisation, No. 12 2:02
13 Improvisation, No. 13 2:35

Recorded At – Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik, Zürich

Double Bass, Trombone – Peter K. Frey
Piano, Drums – Urs Voerkel
Soprano Saxophone – Christoph Gallio

Recorded on 16 June 1981 at Werkstatt für improvisierte Musik, Zürich

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