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  • Format: LP [K087LP]
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  • Label: Kraak

A true gem from the Portuguese underground. Sparse electronics blended with mystic vocalism -- think Ghédalia Tazartes or Diamanda Galás. Deep in the Portuguese underground, Calhau! constructs an absurd universe in which nightmares, rural Catholic mysticism, and surrealist spirituality play the lead role. Performance, movie, and music contribute to one melancholic and cruel whole. The music is deeply rooted in Roman mysticism, using the dark hand of alchemy to beseech the insane 21st century. The duo sounds like an updated version of Ghédalia Tazartes and Throbbing Gristle, blending tape collages and sparse electronics, not unlike the PAN back catalog. First and foremost, Calhau! are their own island, at the point where Old Europe disappears into the sea. Ú is their third album. The A-side builds upon five song particles, in which a grotesque voice floats over hard samples and rough electronics. The voice sings in Portuguese, or Latin, maybe French, or Mongolian throat singing. Vom Grill's gurgles could be a reference. Side B is a re-release of the limited 2014 mini-CD A Corte D'Urubu. It's one long droney piece, a result of a collaboration with a choir, recorded on the Portuguese coast. The composition is a loose interpretation of Gregorian pieces, like Stabat Mater and Veni Creator Spiritus, mixing choral works with gritty synths and sinister opera. With Ú, Calhau! establish their status as the most talented duo of the Portuguese avant-garde.

A1 Manada
Conductor – Maestro Luiz Filipe Marques
Voice [Choral Voice] – Santa Cecilia Choir Of Vila Do Conde
A2 Barraberra
A3 Uruburro
A4 S
A5 Herodes
B A Côrte D'Urubu

Mixed At – The Environment

Artwork – Calhau!
Composed By, Performer – Calhau!
Mastered By – Christophe Albertijn
Mixed By – Ghuna X

Thanks to Pedro Augusto, Luca Massolin, Luiz Filipe Marques and the Santa Cecilia Choir of Vila Do Conde.
Limited edition of 320 copies. There exist two versions: with red silkscreened artwork, and with black silkscreened artwork.
Comes with download coupon.

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