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BLACK LEATHER JESUS : Yes, Sir (Filth Play)

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  • Format: CD [MS-020]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"The great new album from the legendary Texas based noise band formed in 1989! The 20th Anniversary album! The band was founded by Richard Ramirez. Currently, it also includes Kevin Novak (TEF), Sean Matzus (The Secret Geography/ITLOA), Scott Houston(Respirator/S.P.I.T.), Vance Osborne (Murex/ITLOA), with occasional assistance by Jovan Hernandez (ze'r0-sum/Anatomy of a Blackout). Pro CD in normal jewel case limited to 500 copies."

1 That Physical Desire 8:36
2 Boot Boy (Kip Knoll) 10:12
3 Swallow With Pride 2:23
4 Forced Into Sin 14:57

Performer – Jovan Hernandez, Kevin Novak, Richard Ramirez, Scott Houston, Sean Matzus, Vance Osborne

Edition of 500.

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