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MIXTURIZER : Senile Dementia

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  • Format: CD-R [MS-024]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"Noise / Experimental project based in Canary Islands, Spain. Started on summer 2006 by Manuel M. Cubas as a scape from music to pure sound and noise experimentation to express and creating through a personal point of view on surrealistic/ abstract/ non conventional/ anti-commercial and personal ways. Also defined as a multi-layered noise act combining unsightly sound forms with Harsh Noise, Experimental, Industrial, Ambient elements. CD-R in normal slim-jewel case, limited to 60 copies."

1 Un-Senile-Dementia 0:10
2 Pre-Senile-Dementia 7:39
3 Neuro-Senile-Dementia 8:26
4 Ultra-Senile-Dementia 9:22
5 Post-Senile-Dementia 9:24
6 Un-Senile-Dementia 0:10

Performer, Recorded By – M.M.Cubas

Performed and recorded November 28th, 2008.

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