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KADAVER : God Has Left The Building

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  • Format: CD-R [MS-008]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"Kadaver is a 1man project by Michael Zolotov from Israel. Active since 2003(yet the first release came out on 2005). The sounds of Kadaver shifts from dark and twisted ambient through industrial till harsh noise and power electronics. This is NOT art nor music. Kadaver is NOT an artist trying to "creatively express himself" via this format. This is a cancer. It’s sickness. It’s a warm streaming vomit of hatred towards life, humans and existence. It’s the knife in your hand when nightmares twist your dreams. It’s the emptiness that devours your meaningless being and bleed as tears of decay over it. This is not for anyone... This is Kadaver. Cd-r in DVD case with pro-cover, limited to 150 copies."

1 Centuries Of Hatred 10:04
2 Blood And Feces On The Altar 22:08
3 Deeper 10:15

Composed By – Michael Zolotov
Performer – Michael Zolotov

Recorded July and August 2006. Edition of 150 copies. Packaged in a dvd case.

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