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SVART1 : Belet Ili

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  • Format: CD [MS-047]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"The last chapter of "Satanische Helden" trilogy (http://www.svart1.altervista.org/sh.htm) finally on CD! His sounds, nordic-style typically, are the result of a microcosm of dark and gloomy sound characterized by minimal movements between low evolutionary where used in a thunderous, metallic roar, shadowy presences that materialize sound, like the experience and the feeling of alienation between dark presence floating around the ears of the unconscious passenger. Professional CD in cardboard sleeve, limited to 250 copies only! http://svart1.altervista.org"

1. Al-Ghaffar
2. Al-Latif
3. Ash-Shahid
4. Al-Batin (with Daniele Santagiuleana)
Co-producer – Daniele Santagiuliana
5. Eridu (Fk drone)
Composed By – Fk Drone
6. Al-Muqaddim
7. Ardor (Orghanon)
Composed By – Sergio Calzoni
8. Al-Baqi
9. Al-Mughni
CD in cardboard sleeve, limited to 250 copies!

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