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NURSE WITH WOUND : The Swinging Reflective II

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  • Format: 2CD [DPROMDCD134]
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  • Label: Dirter Promotions

"Follow up to 1999's The Swinging Reflective album. It features an array of Steven Stapleton's favorite releases that are either his own remixes of other artists, collaborations, or have been co-written with individuals who have worked extensively with Nurse With Wound. All tracks are remastered and some have been slightly or comprehensively remixed. Features: Colin Potter, Faust, Freida Abtan, Graham Bowers, David Kenny, Band Of Pain, Andrew Liles, Christoph Heemann, Aranos, Sunn O))), Lynn Jackson, Sand, Larson/Fritz Müller, and Blind Cave Salamander. Packaged in a heavy board, gloss laminated six-panel digipak."

- samples -

1-1 Colin Potter - Rock N' Roll Station - 5:45
1-2 Faust - Disconnected - 13:12
1-3 Freida Abtan - Electric Smudge - 4:09
1-4 Graham Bowers - The Squarewarp Paradox - 7:21
1-5 David Kenny - Easy Listening Nightmares - 9:19
1-6 Band Of Pain - Gloakid With Phendrabites - 9:18
1-7 Andrew Liles - Cruisin' For A Bruisin' - 7:05
1-8 Christoph Heemann - Painting With Priests - 9:23
2-1 Aranos - Tidal Whirlpool - 13:57
2-2 Sunn O))) - Ash On The Trees (Slices Of Midnight) - 17:15
2-3 Lynn Jackson - Livin' With The Night - 2:04
2-4 Sand - May Rain (Chromanatron) - 8:34
2-5 Larson / Fritz Müller - Rock Baby Rock - 5:04
2-6 Blind Cave Salamander - Cabbalism III - 15:46

Released in a 6-panel digipak with clear inlay trays.
"Collaborate: Cooperate, coproduce, team up, join forces, participate,
work together, collude, and conspire.

14 Selected Collaborations

(Artist names appear as Colin Potter , David Kenny , Andrew Liles at the tracklist for CD 1)
I have a long and fruitful history with these guys, together we have made some damn fine tunes. The three pieces included here are
extraordinary because of their unique inputs. Colin's wonderful sparse production on Rock n' Roll Station creates the perfect atmosphere for
Jacque Berrocal's surreal lyrics. David Kenny my engineer for 10 years, played the astounding guitar solo on 'Easy Listening Nightmares'.
His insane abuse of the instrument was only halted by breaking 3 strings and falling over the amps, as can be heard on the recording.
Andrew and I had so much fun making 'Huffin' Rag Blues' but 'Cruisin' was the cherry, I love this track above
anything else, probably my favourite N.W.W. track.
Thanks to all the artists and fellow conspirers who appears here, it was fun - let's do it again sometime!
Also thanks to Sarah Redpath, Andrew Liles, Andrew Thomas, Mark Logan, Steve Pittis.
Steve Stapleton, Cooloorta, May 2017." (from the inner sleeve)

Tracks originally appeared on:
1-1 Nurse With Wound - Rock 'n Roll Station (1994)
1-2 Faust / NWW - Disconnected (2007)
1-3 Freida Abtan - Subtle Movements (2007)
1-4 Unreleased
1-5 Nurse With Wound - Alice The Goon (1995)
1-6 Nurse With Wound / Band Of Pain - Noinge / Gloakid With Phendrabites (2016)
1-7 Nurse With Wound - Huffin' Rag Blues (2008)
1-8 Steven Stapleton & Christoph Heemann - Painting With Priests (2015)
2-1 Nurse With Wound / Aranos - Santoor Lena Bicycle (2014)
2-2 Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound - The Iron Soul Of Nothing (2011)
2-3 Nurse With Wound - Huffin' Rag Blues (2008)
2-4 Unreleased
2-5 Larsen & Nurse With Wound featuring Fritz Muller - Erroneous, A Selection Of Errors (2010)
2-6 Nurse With Wound & Blind Cave Salamander - Cabbalism (2015)
Track durations do not appear on the release.

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