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RLW : Pullover

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Repressed. "RLW is German composer Ralf Wehowsky, founder of renowned ensemble P16.D4 and the influential Selektion label. Pullover is a text-based electro-acoustic piece that includes contributions by Jerome Noetinger, Francisco Lopez, Stefan Schmidt, and Gastr del Sol's David Grubbs and Jim O'Rourke." "RLW is impossible to locate, his music resists pigeon-holing and refuses simple labels. It's neither industrial music nor musique concrete; it's not really computer music but nor is it improvisational; perhaps it's all of these things."

- sample -

1 Atmosphere
Voice [Sound Material] – Stefan E. Schmidt 6:50
2 Beziehung
Voice [Sound Material] – David Grubbs, Jim O'Rourke, Johann Simon Schmid-Paede, Stefan E. Schmidt 4:03
3 Autos
Voice [Sound Material] – Markus Caspers, Ralf Wehowsky 3:33
4 Atmosphäre
Voice [Sound Material] – Danielle Sklar, Karla Borecky, Rudolf Ebner 5:30
5 Travel
Voice [Sound Material] – Francisco Lopez, Ralf Wehowsky 9:04
6 Reise
Voice [Sound Material] – Christian Renou, Kimihide Kusafuka, Markus Caspers 4:13
7 Relation
Voice [Sound Material] – Anne-Julie Rollet, Johann Simon Schmid-Paede, Jerome Noetinger, Karla Borecky, Scott Foust 5:42
8 Cars
Voice [Sound Material] – Dorothea Conradi, Johann Simon Schmid-Paede 5:18

Composed By – Ralf Wehowsky
Design [Cd Design] – Jeff Hunt
Liner Notes [English Translation By] – David Grubbs, Markus Caspers
Producer [Post-production] – Bernhard Günter, Ralf Wehowsky
Text By [Texts] – Markus Caspers

All Texts (1993-95) by Markus Casper, all compositions c. and p. Ralf Wehowsky 1995.
The texts were sent to artists all over the globe to record interpretations. All recordings were to be in German, independent from the interpreter's native language.
These recordings were used by Ralf Wehowsky to compose this CD's track.
All texts are presented both in a semantic and an abstract version. The participants' voices -- in their recording situation -- were the only sound sources to be used.

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