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JOHN WIESE : Deviate from Balance

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  • Format: CD [GGGR-077]
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  • Label: Gilgongo

"CD version, housed in tip-on gatefold jackets. John Wiese's long awaited Deviate From Balance is the artist's first album since 2011's Seven Of Wands (PAN). Recorded throughout Europe/UK, Australia, and the US, the album includes scored ensemble pieces including over 20 musicians on each, recorded in Melbourne and Portland, as well as audio documentation of installation pieces Wind Changed Direction, a four-channel sound piece presented in the garden of the Getty Center (curated by Liars), and Battery Instruments, an eight-channel piece presented at HSP in New Zealand, now heard for the first time. Also included are various collaborations and recordings from live performances. Musicians appearing include Joseph Hammer, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, C Spencer Yeh, Joe Preston, Smegma and countless more. The material is extremely diverse and services as a comprehensive and detailed document of this prolific individuals work over the past several years."


1 Wind Changed Direction 5:43
Coordinator [Event] – Sarah Cooper
Curated By – Liars

2 356 S. Mission Rd 4:33
Producer [Concert] – SASSAS

3 Segmenting Process For Language 9:46
Composed By, Score – John Wiese
Double Bass – Clayton Thomas
Engineer – Byron Scullin
Guitar, Electronics – Marco Fusinato, Oren Ambarchi
Guitar, Performer [Objects] – Dave Brown (46), Greg Kingston
Guzheng – Clare Cooper
Percussion – Maya Victoria Kjellstrand, Sean Baxter
Percussion, Electronics – Robbie Avenaim
Sampler – David Shea
Saxophone, Electronics – Lloyd Honeybrook
Violin – Jon Rose
Voice – Carolyn Connors, Nik Kennedy
Woodwind – Adam Simmons

4 Superstitious 5:43
Edited By – John Wiese
Performer [Sounds By] – John Wiese, Mitchell Brown

5 Cafe OTO 5:36
Electronics – Ikue Mori
Electronics, Edited By – John Wiese
Recorded By – John Chantler
Saxophone – Evan Parker
Voice, Electronics – Maja S. K. Ratkje

6 Battery Instruments (Stereo) 2:11
Bass – Amanda Warner
Drums – Sean Meehan
Guitar – John WieseVoice – C. Spencer Yeh

7 Memaloose Walkman 3:36
Performer – Aaron Montaigne, Joe Preston, John Wiese

8 Dramatic Accessories 9:41
Guitar, Drums, Voice, Tape, Performer [Misc] – John Wiese

9 Solitaire 11:14
Computer, Electronics – John Wiese
Recorded By – Daniel Munoz
Tape – Joseph Hammer

10 Segmenting Process (Portland) 21:45
Alto Saxophone [Alto Sax] – Ben Kates, Kelvin Pittman, Reed Wallsmith
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Jonathan Sielaff
Composed By, Score – John Wiese
Drums – Asa Gervich, Ryan Stuewe, Tim DuRoche
Electronics – Brian Mumford, John Wiese, Scott Goodwin
Guitar – Cody Brant, Jean-Paul Jenkins
Guitar, Electronics – Ju Suk Reet Meate
Percussion – John Niekrasz
Synthesizer – Amanda Warner, Pete Swanson
Turntables [Turntable] – Jackie Stewart
Viola – Jordan Dykstra
Voice, Electronics – Alyssa Reed
Companies, etc.

Manufactured By – Rainbo Records
Recorded At – The East Brunswick Club
Recorded At – Cafe Oto
Recorded At – Home Room
Recorded At – 356 Mission

Track 1: Four-channel sound installation, The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California, May 30, 2014.
Track 2: Recorded live at 356 S. Mission Rd, Los Angeles, California, August 17, 2013. Concert produced by SASSAS.
Track 3: Recorded at East Brunswick Club, Melbourne, Australia, What Is Music Festival, December 13, 2009.
Track 4: Recorded in Los Angeles, California, May 26, 2003.
Track 5: Quartet, Recorded live at Cafe OTO, London, England, March 30, 2012.
Track 6: Eight-channel sound installation, HSP, Christchurch, New Zealand, December 8–29, 2009.
Track 7: Recorded in Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, July 11, 2011.
Track 8: Recorded September 2007 while on tour in Ghent, Belgium at Croxhapox, Paris, France at Instants Chavires, Vienna, Austria at Fluc, Vittorio Veneto, Italy at Canned Icoda, Berlin, Germany at Ballhaus Naunyn, Brighton, England at Colour Out of Space, Antwerp, Belgium at Radio Centraal.
Track 9: Recorded at Home Room, Los Angeles, California, June 10, 2012.
Track 10: Presented by the Creative Music Guild, Worksound, Portland, Oregon, December 13, 2008.
The printed duration for track 10 (23:35) does not match the duration as it actually runs.
Packaged in gatefold tip-in jacket. Disc housed in black paper sleeve.

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