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19曲目、おもいっきり Schimpfluch-Gruppe。


1 Where Affluence Is The Rule, The Main Threat Is The Loss Of Desire
2 Hiding (Religious Beliefs Conceal Humans From Themselves Pt. 2)
3 Despairing At A Numbness Handed Down From A Society That Is Trapped In Fracture And Betrayal, Denial And Avoidance
4 The Self Some Imagine Surviving Death Is A Phantom Even In Life
5 What Do We Have In Common With Insects?
6 Imagine Western Governments Acting In Matters Of War Where There Isn't The Promise Of Profit
7 You Are Validating My Inherent Mistrust Of People
8 Veil ? Something That Acts Like A Curtain In Hiding, Disguising, Or Obscuring Something Else, Or Separating One Thing From Another
9 Empires Of Scientific Capability That Manipulate The Phenomena Of Nature Into Enormous Manifestations Of Humankind’s Own Dreams Of Power, Wealth And Control
10 In Politics Nothing Is A Matter Of Honour
11 How To Cure Something That Sick, Without Complete Amputation?
12 I Curse You And All Your Kind
13 As If He’s Come Face To Face With His Limitations, Without Learning To Love What He’s Got
14 To Entertain And Distract A Population Which, Though It Is Busier Than Ever Before, Secretly Suspects It Is Useless
15 As Long As The Victims May Be Quietly Buried
16 The More I Know The Less I Believe
17 Complexity Foisted Onto Doctrines To Hide Vacuity
18 How Many More Are We Prepared To Sacrifice For Cheaper Petrol In Our Cars?
19 The Absurd Belief That The Worst Of People, For The Worst Of Reasons, Will Somehow Work For The Benefit Of Us All (On Organised Religion, Politics And Economics)
20 The Debility Of Their Reactions Accompanies The Decadence Of Their World
21 Awaiting The Non-Superstitious, Non-Materialistic Age
22 You Stand On Your Head And Believe Yourself Dancing Into The Realm Of Freedom ? You Will Wake Up From Your Nightmare, Little Human, Finding Yourself Helplessly Lying On The Ground
23 Song For Omar (In Memoriam Omar Tomasoni 1967 ? 2003)
Voice ? Doris Tomasoni

Artwork [Painting] ? Rudolf Eb.er
Mastered By ? Rashad Becker

Assembled 2003-2005.
Packaged in a special folder.

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