V.A. : Inventionen II

  • フォーマット: LP [ed.RZ3003]
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  • レーベル: Edition RZ


Takehito Shimizu、Rolf Enstrom、Boguslaw Schaefferのテープ作品集!!
ノイズ・ファンからの支持も厚いRolf Enstromはやはり注目ですネ。
Edition RZ初期作品名作。

A1 ?Takehito Shimazu Zytoplasma 10:43
Composed By ? Takehito Shimazu
Technician [Realization] ? Folkmar Hein
A2 Boguslaw Schaeffer - Maa'ts 9:45
Choir ? Ruppenhorner Singkreis Berlin
Composed By ? Boguslaw Schaeffer
Conductor [Choir] ? Jupp Niermann
Technician [Realization] ? Folkmar Hein
B Rolf Enstrom - Fractal 23:00
Composed By ? Rolf Enstrom
Other [Images] ? Thomas Hellsing

Made By ? Teldec-Press GmbH
Pressed By ? Teldec, Hamburg
Recorded At ? Elektronmusikstudion
Mastered At ? Teldec-Studio, Berlin

Design ? Bernard Stein, Nicolaus Ott

"Zytoplasma" composed 1980 for tape.
"Maa'ts" composed 1981 for vocals and electronics, combing the compositions "Maah" for orchestra and tape and "Tsiyur" for organ and tape, both from 1979.
"Fractal" composed 1984 at EMS Stockholm for tape and 10 slide projectors. Commissioned 1983 by Rikskonserter, Sweden.

First performed at the "Stimmen" (Voices) and "Inventionen" (Inventions) concert series, produced by the Electronic Studio of the Technical University Berlin.

Uberspielung: (DMM) Direct Metal Mastering, Teldec, Berlin.
Pressung: Teldec, Hamburg.
Hergestellt bei der Teldec-Press GmbH, Nortorf
Comes with insert.

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