• フォーマット: 4LP [YoungAm001]
  • 重量: 0.68kg
  • レーベル: Paradigm


イギリスの女性電子音楽パイオニアDaphne Oramの'59年から'77年の貴重な録音。

A1 Introduction 3:32
A2 Power Tools 0:40
A3 Bird Of Parallax 12:56
A4 In A Jazz Style 0:38
A5 Purring Interlude 0:42
B6 Contrasts Essconic 8:19
B7 Lego Builds It 0:53
B8 Pompie Ballet (Excerpt) 3:35
B9 Intertel 1:18
B10 Ardwick High School No. 1 0:46
B11 Look At Oramics 0:38
B12 Rotolock 1:27
C13 Purple Dust 6:42
C14 High Speed Flight 0:49
C15 Studio Experiment No. 1 1:48
C16 Four Aspects 8:03
C17 Kia Ora 0:46
D18 Dr Faustus Suite 9:35
D19 Ardwick High School No. 2 2:16
D20 Tumblewash 1:59
D21 Studio Experiment No. 2 0:30
D22 Snow 7:46
E23 Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 1) 4:52
E24 Food Preservation 3:21
E25 Studio Experiment No. 3 1:07
E26 Bala 1:44
E27 Episode Metallic 5:30
E28 Studio Experiment No. 4 0:38
F29 Ardwick High School No. 3 1:34
F30 Fanfare Of Graphs 0:56
F31 Studio Experiment No. 5 1:14
F32 Brociliande 10:11
F33 Mary Had A Little Lamb 2:36
F34 Incidental Music For Invasion (Excerpts) 5:06
G35 Costain Suite 13:15
G36 Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 2) 1:22
G37 Passacaglia 4:26
G38 Missile Away 2:07
H39 Pulse Persephone 4:01
H40 Ardwick High School No. 4 2:17
H41 Nestea 0:28
H42 Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 3) 3:27
H43 Conclusion 0:11
H44 Studio Jinks 6:08

Design, Layout ? Radu Prepeleac
Lacquer Cut By [Vinyl Cut By] ? Lupo
Photography By [Photographs Taken By] ? Brian Worth, Ken Philip, Martin Cook

Recordings and photographs taken from the Daphne Oram collection, Golgsmiths, University of London.
Additional photographs c Edinburgh Evening News.
Vinyl cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.
Special thanks to the trustees of The Daphne Oram Trust, registered charity number 1134910 and Clive Graham from Paradigm Discs for making this edition possible.
Released in a gatefold sleeve.
The tracks are numbered continuously over the sides.


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