BOJIDAR SPASSOV : Fiato continuo 1,2,3,4,5

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1 Fiato Continuo I 13:34
Flute ? Helen Bledsoe

2 Fiato Continuo II 18:07
Bass Clarinet ? Carl Rosman

3 Fiato Continuo III 13:33
Oboe ? Peter Veale

4 Fiato Continuo IV 14:14
Sounds [Excerpt] ? Ludger BrummerTrumpet ? Marco Blaauw

5 Fiato Continuo V 10:41
Tuba, Programmed By [Sound Spatialisation Using The Software Max-msp] ? Melvyn Poore

Composed By, Liner Notes ? Bojidar Spassov
Design [Grafik-Design] ? LMN Berlin
Engineer [Tonmeister] ? Joachim Gosmann
Ensemble ? musikFabrik
Liner Notes ? Ludger Brummer
Liner Notes [Redaktionsassistenz] ? Marc Riedel
Liner Notes [Translation Into English] ? Lisa Rosenblatt, Susanne Wurmnest
Liner Notes, Liner Notes [Redaktion] ? Achim Heidenreich
Photography By [Photos] ? Klaus Rudolph, Susanne Wurmnest
Producer [Produktion] ? Ludger Brummer

Fiato Continuo I (1998) for flute and tape - One source of sound is a brief fragment from a shepherd's flute melody found in north Bulgarian folkloric tradition. Dedicated to Irmela Bosler.
Fiato Continuo II (1998) for bass clarinet and tape - Source of sound: a bagpipe melody from the Bulgarian Rodope mountains.
Fiato Continuo III (1999) for oboe and tape - source of sound: a zurna melody from southwest Bulgaria (northeast Macedonia). Dedictated to Peter Veale.
Fiato Continuo IV (2001) for trumpet and tape - Source of sound: a dvojanka & an excerpt from "La cloche sans vallees". Dedictated to Marco Blaauw.
Fiato Continuo V for tuba and live electronics - Sample: a Bulgarian round dance. Dedictated to Melvyn Poore.
The pieces were produced with the software programs "Audio Sculpt","Pro Tools", "cSound", and "max-msp" and produced at ZKM in the studios of the Institute for Music and Acoustics.
Herausgeber: ZKM | Institut fur Musik und Akustik
c + ? 2005 WERGO, a division of Schott Music & Media GmbH, Mainz, Germany
Made in EU
Manufactured and printed in Germany

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