MARCEL DUCHAMP : The Creative Act

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01 The Creative Act (lecture in Houson, Texas, April 1957)
02 Some Texts a l'Infinitif (1912-20) (lecture in New York, shortly before his death)
03 Erratum Musical (La mariee mise a nu par ses celibataires, meme) performed by Jean-Luc Fafchamps
(pedal harmonium). Long before John Cage, the first aleatory composition and the only piece which is never twice the same
04 An interview by George Heard Hamilton - recorded in New York in 1959
05 An interview by Richard Hamilton - recorded in London in the same year
06 Erratum Musical (a score for 3 voices) - the only score by Marcel Duchamp written for his two sisters and himself. Performed by Marianne Pousseur, Lucy Grauman and Jean-Luc Plouvier

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