OMEI : When All Your Ghosts Are Tired

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  • Label: Misanthropic Agenda


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'Omei expresses itself through the idea of “one thought for a thousand years.” The same memory played over and over. The mind to the grindstone with nothing ahead but hours and hours of empty slow time. Two long pieces of grinding, sometimes turbulent minimalist drone and industrial from this SICKNESS side-project. Features contributions from James Keeler (WILT) and Joe Colley (CRAWL UNIT). Aggressive, negative, empty and burned. Ltd x 500 copies in slimline jewelcase.'

1 When All Your Ghosts Are Tired 34:22
Sounds [Source Material] - Wilt
2 And All Their Eyes Are Shut 22:39
Sounds [Source Material] - Joe Colley

Limited to 500 copies with 30 copies released as an artist edition with different artwork.

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