ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO : Selected Tracks 2. 1995-1998

  • フォーマット: 2LP [GR2145]
  • 重量: 0.52kg
  • レーベル: Geometrik


4LP「Selected Tracks 1. 1992-1998」の続編!

A1 Arizona 1962 - Lanz Version 1998 6:06
A2 !Mas Luz! 5:04
A3 Introspeccion ? Evangelista Version 1998 6:51
B1 Hemen Nago 5:36
B2 Accion Automatica 5:18
B3 Intermodular 5:18
B4 Nuevo Frente 4:53
C1 Transmetal 6:40
C2 Ciudad Electrica 6:24
C3 Elektrozavod 6:54
D1 Mundial Radio 5:50
D2 Al Asalto 9:32
D3 Syncrotron 5:14

Artwork ? Alonso Urbanos
Compiled By ? Andres Noarbe

Limited to 490 copies.
Selected Tracks 2 is a double album (in gatefold cover) with a new selection of tracks recorded by Esplendor Geometrico between 1995 and 1998.
Ten of the thirteen tracks appear for the first time on vinyl !,and some rarities, only published in very limited CD-R during the nineties and without distribution are also included.
This is a continuation of the Box (4xLP) Selected Tracks 1 (Geometrik 2015).
The songs have been chosen from albums like POLYGLOPHONE (released only on CD in 1997), EN-CO-D-eSPLENDOR (published in Japan only on CD in 1998), and exclusive live tracks that do not have studio versions: "Al Asalto", "Nuevo Frente", "Elektrozavod", or "Ciudad Electrica”. Also included are three tracks from the Syncrotron EP (Hymen 1988).

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