ATRAX MORGUE : Close To A Corpse

  • フォーマット: 2LP + 2CD [UMA078]
  • 重量: 0.69kg
  • レーベル: Urashima


2001年2月24日、ViareggioアートギャラリーStudio D'Arte MemoriaIndelebileでのライヴパフォーマンスを収めた名作3CD-Rが2LP+2CDで再発です!!

A1 Basic Procedure Autopsy 9:29
A2 Cold Time 5:18
A3 Cranial 4:43
A4 Trachilema Sperix 5:19
A5 Catalepsy 5:35
B1 Corpse Time 5:58
B2 Surgery Of The Head 4:32
B3 Hematic 7:18
B4 Corpse-Synthesizer 5:37
B5 Dissection/Dissection 4:00
Section 1
CD1-1 Untitled - Part One From Section 1
CD1-2 Untitled - Part Two From Section 1
Section 2
CD2-1 Untitled - Part One From Section 2
CD2-2 Untitled - Part Two From Section 2
CD2-3 Untitled - Part Three From Section 2

Remastered By – Andrea Marutti

On February 24, 2001 Marco Corbelli take part in the performance “Autopsia dell’opera d’arte vivente come vivisezione del corpo di dio” in the Viareggio art gallery, Studio D’Arte Memoria Indelebile. Together with three other artists he stages an autopsy on a shapeless body, which represents the living work of art. Corbelli actively participates in the pseudo autopsy, as well as sounding the live event. The recording of the sound performance will be released two years later on Slaughter Productions in an extremely limited box set titled Close To A Corpse consisting of three CDr. The first two CDr contain the complete live recording in the Tuscan art gallery.
Limited to 199 copies.

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