MEGAPTERA : Staring Back At You

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  • レーベル: Malignant


*ずっしりヘヴィー !!*
Art KonkretやCold Meat Industry等からもリリースするMegaptera。
2007年 Malignant Recordsから限定800枚。
とにかくヘヴィーーー !!!

1 More Disturbance (Demo Version) 6:06
2 The Passage (Demo Version) 4:51
3 Disoriented (Totally Different Demo Version) 3:08
4 Lurking Fear (Pre-Damaged Demo Version) 6:13
5 Frozen Corpse 5:26
6 The Final Day (Excerpt) 4:42
7 Morior 6:20
Written-By – Mikael Svensson
8 Mass Murder 6:34
9 Antropofagi 14:13
10 Deep Inside 17:12
Recorded By [Recorded Live And Semi-improvised] – Mikael Svensson, MArten Kellerman, Peter Nystroom
Written-By – Mikael Svensson, MArten Kellerman, Peter Nystroom

Subtitled "A Collection Of Rare Tracks And Demos".
Live photos shot during a performance in Vilnius, Lithuania, 11 dec 2004.
Mastering at Fin de Si'ecle Media.
Artwork at Backstabber, Inc.
Track 1 first appeared on the compilation tape "Territoires Sonores" titled "Disturbance - 2 Dead"; original version appeared on "The Curse Of The Scarecrow"; recorded in Oxelösund.
Track 2 appeared for the first time on the tape "You Will Never Survive This Nightmare" titled "Experimental Noise"; later remixed, rearranged and retitled "The Passage To Your Evil Dreams" for the "Disease" album; recorded in Oxelösund in 1995.
Track 3 in this version is totally different from the final version that made it on to "Disease". This is just playing around with various sounds during the recording of the "Disease" album at Jennifer's, Stockholm in 1996.
Track 4 as original version appeared on "Slaughter Age 95", later made it onto the "Deep Inside" MLP; recorded in 1995; re-damaged at some other time at the same place.
Track 5 was exclusively recorded for the compilation LP "The Book Ov Shadowz". Classic Megaptera livingroom recording.
Track 6 was a special version for the "Death Odors II" compilation CD; recorded in Stockholm.
Track 7 was exclusively recorded for the "Zyklon B" compilation tape; recorded in 1993 in Nyköping.
Track 8 appeared on the old Slaughter Productions compilation tape "Beatingthemeat"; recorded in 1993.
Track 9 was exclusively recorded for the "Le Cénacle" compilation tape; recorded in Oxelösund.
Track 10 was recorded for the "From Sickness To Death" compilation tape; later released as the main attraction on the "Deep Inside" MLP; recorded live and semi-improvised in Nyköping.
The CD comes in a 6-panel digipak.
Limited edition of 800 copies


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