GERMAN ARMY : Wakhan Corridor

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'A nomadic journey beyond the horizon halted by towering chiseled peaks. On the roof of the world, where highest ranges meet, dwell individuals untouched by government, war or terror. An opium-induced buffer zone of the Wakhan Corridor, one of the most remote, high-altitude, bewitching landscapes on Earth opens frail-looking deep lines etched by time pristine and harsh, conserved by a famous environmentalist project, German Army, to document extinctions of this rare culture. Insightful tribal muzak buried in obscurity, anonymity, secularity and eternity.'

1 !Kwi 3:49
2 Zhang-Zhung 2:07
3 Yiwaidjic 3:48
4 Wakhan Сorridor 2:47
5 Galgadungic 2:39
6 Wuch Urgunt 3:16
7 Lee Glaze Patch 2:40
8 Nuclear Na-Dene 4:04
9 Magoric 2:54
10 Miyan 6:38
11 Yenisei Ostyak 3:22

Artwork, Layout – Mauro Berchi
Performer [GeAr Is] – NH, PK
Photography By – Jakub Rybicki

Songs recorded in La Puente and Hacienda Heights.
Photos courtesy of Jakub Rybicki ('People of Afghanistan' series).
Limited to 300 copies in a 4-panel Digipak.

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