MAURIZIO BIANCHI / M.B. : MUU/NH 31.4.1982 / Menses 30.2.1982

  • フォーマット: 2CD [LH85]
  • 重量: 0.2kg
  • レーベル: Menstrualrecordings


Maurizio Bianchiの'82年の激レア音源がCDとして2枚セットで2017年にメタルボックスでリリース!!


MUU/NH 31.4.1982
1-1 Untitled 31:32
1-2 Untitled 31:40
Menses 30.2.1982
2-1 Untitled 31:40
2-2 Untitled 31:39

First ever official CD re-issue of two albums recorded in 1982.
'When in the summer of 1982 I bought a device for the echoes, my twisted idea was to transform pre-recorded sounds into something inaudible and shocking, while keeping intact the original intensity. And so I proceeded to transform MENSES and MOERDER UNTER UNS in two bloody clumps of foggy echoes and dark reverberations. Thus they were birthed the two works in question, which came to light in very few copies, only for amateurs, to rediscover its turgid provocation in discography, Masami Akita about a year and a half ago sent me these ultra rare recordings. Now these works know their first official release for the benefit of all lovers of experimental and undisputedly sound.' (liner notes by M.B.)

Limited edition of 200 copies in metal box. Images are original M.B. artworks from 1982.

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