FELIX HESS : Palenque

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'A collection of the best recordings selected by the Dutch sound artist Felix Hess from his "Frogs" series featuring frog calls from around the world, released on cassette tapes, vinyl, and CD-Rs from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. A limited-edition pressed CD of this long-discontinued series, with new artwork by Sakura Kondo. It is a series that inspired the artist, who was a physicist studying the trajectory of boomerangs, to create sound works later in life. Palenque is a recording of cane toad calls from Palenque, Mexico.'

1. Bufo marinus

Recorded by Felix Hess
Mastering: Makoto Oshiro
Cover Drawing: Sakura Kondo
Design: Hirozumi Takeda

Mini LP sleeve with back spine. Comes with English and Japanese liner notes by Akio Suzuki and Masafumi Matsui.

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