R.S. GJERTSEN : Grains

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"Originally released in 2009. The music of Ruben Gjertsen is a flow of sounds; bits, pieces, fragments put together so beautifully that it seems to be created in one consecutive stream of thought, a relentless mental effort from first to last sound. Exploring his scores we find proof of the opposite. They provide layer upon layer of information, connections and anecdotes. Behind this almost over-communicative surface, the composer comes across as an eclectic character. Strict structural control and computer-aided composition seems to co-exist happily with improvisatory materials bordering on the burlesque. The result is a chamber music that sounds full, almost orchestral in one moment only to dissolve into translucence in the next. Throughout Gjertsen's music there is one common focal point: the will to redefine the concept of a good sound. As the composer doesn't subscribe to a fixed compositional school, his music is neither spectral, serial nor neo-complex. It is simply colored by an ambition and an ability to shape the sound of acoustic instruments down to the last sample. Musicians include: Friedrich Gauwerky (cello), Jeanne-Marie Conquer (violin), Alain Billard (bass clarinet), Jean-Christophe Vervoitte (horn), Dan Styffe (double bass), Catherine Bullock (viola), Birgitte Volan (harp), Torbjorn Ottersen (percussion), Terje Viken (conductor) and Ensemble Ernst Thomas Rimul (conductor)."

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Track Listing:
01. Fluente 08:55
02. Contradiction 08:56
03. Duo 08:24
04. Trembling 07:42
05. Grains 11:21

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