SAWS : Saws

  • フォーマット: CD [ITOCD9]
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  • レーベル: In Tone Music


LAFMSのRick Pottsを中心に、Rick Frystak、Brian A. Rosser、Chris Guttmacherによるユニット。
Musical SawをフィーチャーしてるのかわからないLAFMSらしいハチャメチャなのにかっこいい、エレクトリックでダビーでフリーなジャムバンド的??なサウンド。


1 Return To Whatever 6:42
2 Saw 'N Tology 8:42
3 A Sour Junk Pony 3:35
4 A Sneakerful Of Sockets 3:11
5 Let Us Go Into Lloegyr 4:02
6 The Rat In Twilight 6:53
7 Three Parts,Too Familiar 11:38
Akai Headrush E1, Boss Dd-5, Ernie Ball Volume Pedal, Gibson Br-6, Roland Re-301 And A Mussehl & Westphal Professional Musical Saw ? Brian A. Rosser
Drums, Percussion ? Chris Guttmacher
Electric Bass, Virtual Mellotron ? Rick Frystak
Executive Producer ? Rick Frystak
Musical Saw, Hinge-neck Electric Guitar,steiner-parker Synthesizer, Dr. Sample, Fake Screaming Rat,electronic Birdcaller, Kalimba, Saxxy, Nose Flute, Crow Call ? Rick Potts

Saws is a cracked-groove-celestial-takeoff to the nether-regions of the Musical Saw. Bowed, struck,
tweaked, dubbed and kissed, Saws do their business with electronic processing, hinged-neck guitar,
spaced melody bass, squawky synths and cracklingsnare and cymbal. Big drums and bass guitar anchor these trips of spaced out musical saws, vintage synth skitter, expansive steel guitar echoes and hinged-neck
guitar back-sass. Melodic bass lines driving the tonal mind-melt of the sonic ghoulash, take the listener
into a region very accessable.

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