MADAME LUCKERNIDDLE : Musique Action #04

  • フォーマット: CD [vdo1235]
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  • レーベル: Vand'Oeuvre


Tom Coraが亡くなって彼のバンドRoofのメンバーが中心となって行った'98年5月のTom Coraに捧げたコンサート。
Luc Klaasen, Michael Vatcher, Phil Mintonのほか、Catherine Jauniaux, Christian Marclay, 大友良英, Zeena Parkins, Veryan Westonも参加。


1 Madame Luckerniddle, Part 1 3:24
Music By ? Tom Cora
2 Madame Luckerniddle, Part 2 3:56
Music By ? Tom Cora
3 Madame Luckerniddle, Part 3 3:14
Music By ? Tom Cora
4 Helliphant 2:41
Music By ? Phil Minton, Veryan Weston
5 Indicible 3:25
Music By ? Catherine Jauniaux
6 A Nous! 6:25
Music By ? Tom Cora
7 Madame Luckerniddle, Part 4 1:20
Music By ? Tom Cora
8 Madame Luckerniddle, Part 5 4:11
Music By ? Tom Cora
9 On The Other Side 7:02
Music By ? Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide
10 Him 4:43
Music By ? Tom Cora
11 Chut 6:54
Music By ? Tom Cora
12 The Anarchist´s Anthem 4:46
Music By ? Phil Minton, Veryan Weston

Companies, etc.
Recorded At ? Festival Musique Action

Edited By ? Francois Dietz
Electric Bass, Voice ? Luc Ex
Electronics, Turntables ? Christian Marclay, Otomo Yoshihide
Harp [Electric], Keyboards ? Zeena Parkins
Percussion, Drums ? Michael Vatcher
Piano ? Veryan Weston
Voice ? Catherine Jauniaux, Phil Minton

Recorded in 1998 during the 15th Musique Action festival in Vand'oeuvre, France.
Edited in 2011 at studio CCAM by Francois Dietz.
This album is the recording of the concert that took place as a spontaneous tribute to Tom Cora [1953-1998], in lieu of the concert initially planned with the artist, on saturday May 28th, 1998, at the CCAM.
The show was conceived by Tom Cora and his band Roof. Following Tom Cora's death, Madame Luckerniddle played this last concert and the core members of the band continued as 4Walls


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