UESUGI YASUYUKI : Noisy Information Is Constantly Damaging My Brain

  • フォーマット: CD-R [?]
  • 重量: 0.05kg
  • レーベル: Bizarre Audio Arts


MacronymphaのLeonardo SabattoによるBizarre Audio ArtsからのCD-R。
JMT SYNTHのによるアナログシンセならではのサウンド。

01 Disturbed Brain Waves
02 Everything That Flows Like Noise Is Swallowed Into My Unconscious
03 Noise Signals Of The Spirit World Is Sent To The Whole Body
04 Excessive Information Can Be Both Pleasant And Unpleasant
05 Hippocampal Neurons Proliferate Even When High Dense
06 I Can't Reach My Deep Psyche
07 Psychological Stupor
08 Blood Nourishes The Spirit

Analogue synthesizer: NDSQ (JMT SYNTH)
Spring reverb: LRV-1 (JMT SYNTH)
Mixer: LM-8ST (TASCAM)
Compressor: DL241 (DRAWMER)
Preamplifier / Compressor: 1960 (DRAWMER)
Parametric equalizer: 1961 (DRAWMER)
Multi track recorder: DP-24SD (TASCAM)
Headphone amplifier: MH-8 (TASCAM)
Monitor earphone: UM PRO 50 (WESTONE)
Cable: 8412 (BELDEN)
Power distributor: AV-P250 (TASCAM)
NDSQ→LRV-1→LM-8ST→DL241→1961→1960→DP-24SD→MH-8→UM PRO 50

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