AUBE : Voltanic Valley

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'Advaita records is proud to announce the reissue of AUBE - Voltanic Valley, originally released limited edition of 60 copies from Perverse Series in 1995. Using only a 1VCO as material, AUBE's meticulous mixing and effects have created a noise sound of the highest caliber that will make listeners discover new sensations even after 26 years have passed since its release. Digitized from the master tape and every one of the tapes was dubbed by legendary Nakamichi cassette deck with the recording head azimuth adjustment. Based on the original artwork and photos, the double-layered jacket (color photo and transparent sheet) has been reproduced and is housed in sandpaper and wire.'

1. Apex 08:11
2. Disociation 12:07
3. Omnidirection 11:16
4. Passive Tremor 15:17
5. Voltanic Valley I 08:08
6. Voltanic Valley II 07:17

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