YUKO NEXUS6 : Neko​-​San Kill! Kill!

  • フォーマット: Tape [rr038]
  • 重量: 0.05kg
  • レーベル: Retrac



01 猫ハングリー 0:15
02 Shuffle 1:57
03 断片化1 0:33
04 鶏行進曲 0:25
05 What Is The Preset? 2:29
06 本邦式逆転歌唱 2:59
07 断片化2 0:31
08 時鐘 2:15
09 リンガフォン 3:51
10 咳 2:03
11 猫応援団 1:33
12 断片化3 0:22
13 猫スタジアム 1:28
14 米研 0:41
15 猫登山隊 0:45
16 断片化4 2:49
17 南米猫登山隊 1:29
18 Saitoh 1:21
19 花の雲 4:15
20 断片化5 0:12
21 Interview 6:49
22 小姐小等咧要去叨位 1:24
23 断片化6 2:43
24 銀行 2:12
25 断片化7 0:30
26 窓辺 6:54
27 N.S.K.K. Coming Soon 3:01
Remix – Satoru Wono

"N! E! K! O! Let's go, Neko-san!"

Neko-San Kill! Kill! is the album for people who find music in the most unexpected scenarios of everyday life—melodies in the mundane. Yuko Nexus6 is certainly one of those people as, over the course of just under an hour, she plucks out rhythms and pulses from familiar, friendly, yet frequently unidentifiable sounds. What is the driving beat on "Shuffle"? What kind of bell exactly is ringing out on "Time Signal Bell"? Just what is making that sound on "Fragment6"? Did you ever think you would be nodding your head along to the sound of washing rice?

The sound palette across the smorgasbord of 27 tracks is diverse, ranging from classic sound collage on tracks like "Linguaphone" and "Fragment4," Gamelan-esque electronica akin to Geinoh Yamashirogumi on "Interview," weird voice experiments on "Cough" and "Saitoh" that call to mind Ami Yoshida's 'Tiger Thrush' album, and even moments of adorable quirky MIDI pop on the "Cheer Up Kitty March" and "Kitty Mountaineering Party" tracks, complete with reprises of each! Speaking of reprises, the album is tied up nicely with a mini mix of the whole album in one song (and another "Pussy Cat Remix" on the tape!) from Satoru Wono.

Despite the fast pace at which this album jumps from one sound to the next, every track complements each other well and astounds the listener with how much personality and charm each track has. Though it may not be for everyone, with the extensive credits in the liner notes, and the "Fragment" tracks throughout that feature what sounds like the entire events of a lively party skipped through like a faulty CD, there is no doubt Yuko and the gang had fun making this album for you.

All written, arranged, programed and performed by YUKO NEXUS 6
except of 27 and 28 remixed by Satoru WONO

YUKO NEXUS6: voice, computer, etc.
EV: music for 11 & 13, keyboard for 17
Chikako Suzuki: voice for 19
Makoto Inada: bass for 06
HRM: MIDI data programming for 21

All recorded by YUKO NEXUS6
Produced by Satoru WONO
Edited and remixed by Satoru WONO at Audio Fiction Research, Tokyo
Mastered by Satoru WONO & LOOP-X at Kaeru Cafe, Tokyo
Art directed by Keiichi Bando for Neo Standard Graphics
Originally distributed on CD by KAERU CAFE in 1999.
Reissued on tape by Retrac 2022.
J-card layout by Reversed Reference.

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