KEIJI HAINO : Global Ancient Atmosphere

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'Keiji Haino (drums). "Rhythm, duration and silence lie at the foundation of all of Haino's music. After a clutch of documents of his hair-raising solo performances for both acoustic and electric percussion, this latest album presents Haino's first recorded outing behind a regular drumkit. Haino has long desired to release a solo drum album, and he has been playing a regular kit occasionally live for several decades now. Global Ancient Atmosphere (the alternative Japanese title means 'These signs, a sealed beginning') contains nine tracks that showcase an austere yet thrilling investigation of attack and decay on nothing less than the molecular level. As inimitable, and as life-affirming as ever." -- Alan Cummings.'

灰野敬二 「この気配 封じられてる 創まりに」

1 警告、そして願い No. 1 5:07
2 警告、そして願い No. 2 3:33
3 警告、そして願い No. 3 8:38
4 警告、そして願い No. 4 4:27
5 警告、そして願い No. 5 2:38
6 警告、そして願い No. 6 9:20
7 警告、そして願い No. 7 6:29
8 警告、そして願い No. 8 10:23
9 警告、そして願い No. 9 3:13

Art Direction ? 北村卓也
Engineer ? 吉田武司
Photography By ? 船木和倖
Producer, Design ? 灰野敬二

Comes with an obi and an 8 page booklet containing photographs and a text in Japanese.
The Japanese title is read as "Kono kehai fujirareteru hajimari ni", and translates as "These Signs, A Sealed Beginning". The track title is read as "Keikoku, soshite negai" and translate as "A Warning, Then A Request".
"Not using over-dubbing. Please turn up the volume as much as you can. This music has faint sound."

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