TOSHI ICHIYANAGI : "Music for Tinguely" (gq "No.9 - Jean Tinguel

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  • Label: Edition Omega Point


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Recorded in 1963.
"A quartaly magazine for graphic work 'gq' had issued in 1970's. The magazine was re-produced in 2008, and newest issue as edition of sculptor Jean Tinguely was completed in 2009. OMEGA POINT made a CD for the edition. This simple CD version was made as related item of the magazine. Especially, rare sound materials of 'Music for Tinguely' (on track 2-4) is the first appearance in this time."
Track 1 was previously released on OPA-005.

Housed in a cardboard paper gatefold sleeve with double sided insert.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

track 1_Music for Tinguely/1963_10'01" (from OPA-005)
track 2-4_Sound Materials of 'Music for Tinguely'/1963_15'46"

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