URE THRALL : Arabian Knightmares

  • フォーマット: CD [TESCO065]
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  • レーベル: Tesco Organisation


アメリカの Ure Thrallの2004年作の再発盤。

1 Assaulting The 50 Names Of Allah (A Call To Arms) 1:39
2 Drowning In A Sea Of Blood And Oil 8:33
Bass [Upright], Percussion - The Fruitless Hand
3 Liberation Through Martyrdom 9:06
Percussion, Vocals [Sample] - The Fruitless Hand
4 Land Of The Free (Home Of The Grave) 6:06
Oboe [Rhaita] - Ferrara Pan
5 Bourbon Gamelan 7:21
Performer [Kudos] - 23 Skidoo
6 Donkey Cart Missile Assault 5:32
7 Blackened Arabia 5:25
Drums [Bass], Vocals [Arabian] - Moss
8 Premonition 9/11 8:36
Drums [Hand] - Scott SterlingOboe [Rhaita] - Ferrara Pan
9 The Storm Before The Calm 7:50
10 Every Massacre Begins With A Funeral 7:40
Recorder - Ferrara Pan
11 The Lasting Peace That Only War Can Bring 8:58
Bass [Upright] - The Fruitless Hand
12 Untitled 1:46

Artwork By - kimsonJa
Guitar [E-bowed], Bass [Guitar], Effects, Arranged By [Koran Chants, Vocals, Percussion, Strings], Engineer [Processed By], Strings, Horns, Oboe [Rhaita], Drums, Keyboards, Artwork By - Ure Thrall

Comes in a clear closeable sleeve with a cut-out cardboard folder, a four page booklet to which the CD is sticked and 8 postcards.
Track 12 doesn't appear on the cover.
Originally released on Discorporeality Recordings in 2004 as a CDr.

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