IGOR WAKHEVITCH : Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)

  • フォーマット: CD [TRS010]
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  • レーベル: Transversales Disques


おなじみフランスのベテラン・シンセ・アーティストIgor Wakhevitchの'99年録音未発表もの。
"Mysterious Island 88"というシンセでのアンビエント的な作品。

1 Love Song To Ekalavya (The Ancient Age - Introducing The Quest Of The Secret Word, The Mantra Of Immortality) Prologue 6:22
2 The Golden Night Part I 7:46
3 The Golden Night Part II: A Walk Beneath The Stars - Ursa Minor: From The North (Polaris, Alpha Ursea Minoris) To The South (Kochab, Beta Ursea Minoris) 5:55
4 The Silver Horses (Usha, The Guardian Of The East, The Goddess Morning, The Entity Of The Dawn) Om Ushaaya Nama 5:57
5 The Roarer, The Entity Of Darkness, The Guardian Of The West (Rudra, The Three Eyed One) 7:57
6 The Ride Of The Makara, The Elephant-Crocodile With A Fish Tail 1:45
7 The Workload Of The World 10:40
8 27th September 1942. Train N°38. Railway Station Paris-Drancy. Destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau 6:36

Composed By [All Titles], Performer [All Titles Played By], Synthesizer [Mysterious Island 88 System] ? Igor Wakhevitch
Engineer [Assistant] ? Jean-Philippe Senoq
Engineer [Sound Engineer] ? Olivier Caors
Graphic Design ? Jean-Philippe Talaga
Illustration [Front Cover Drawing], Cover [Front Cover Drawing] ? SAL (32)
Liner Notes ? I.W.
Mastered By [Mastering] ? Benoit Corboz
Producer [Directors Of Production] ? Jonathan Fitoussi, Sebastien Rosat

All titles composed and played [...] on the ≪Mysterious Island 88≫ system (ex-Poppy No Good Laboratory) at the ≪Inner Shrine Interactive Studio≫.
Mastering: [...] Studio du Flon, Lausanne, Switzerland (warm thanks to Raphael Corboz for his kind participation).
Liner notes: I.W. (28.11.2018)
From the liner notes:
The vinyl version was shortened of seven minutes for technical purpose inherent in vinyl industry to be as close possible as the original soundtrack in terms of frequencies and dynamic. The 53 minutes of the integral version of ≪Kshatrya≫ is available on CD.
The printed durations for track 4 (5'32), track 5 (8'17), track 7 (10'55) and track 8 (6'20) do not match the durations as they actually run.
Issued in standard jewel case with clear disc tray. Includes 16-page booklet with notes in French and English.
From the Transversales Disques Bandcamp page:
Unpublished recordings / Remastered high-resolution
Recorded in 1999

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