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'Aurora Borealis present Death Of The Bull by Darja Kazimira and Dagmar Gertot. Over the years, Aurora Borealis have released some truly strange and genre-defying albums. Death Of The Bull is undoubtedly their most unusual, complex, and challenging release to date. Taking pagan fertility rites as a starting point, Darja Kazimira and Dagmar Gertot have constructed a narrative that witnesses the collapse of the natural order and the end of an age. The breadth and scope of the work is mind-blowing and the results are quite unlike anything you're like to have heard before. Darja Kazimira (Latvia) and Dagmar Gertot (Russia) are engaged in experimental art practices based on the research of various funeral and initiation rituals of the peoples of the world, with emphasis on the territory of the Balkans and ancient Greece. With a solid foundation of musical and classical archaeology, religious studies, mythology, philosophy, and thanatology, they have sought to create an entirely new ritualized imaginal space. Through improvisation and glossolalia, a new mythic realm is born. They explain: "For us, music is an opportunity to articulate a myth, to make tangible imaginary space, to deform the environment through sound, shifting its stable temporal and local criteria." With a mix of various ethnic vocal traditions, extreme and academic vocal practices, and a radical approach to traditional notions of folk music in its truest sense, Death Of The Bull is undoubtedly highly demanding of the listener. While many albums can be termed immersive, the mythic-space and otherworldliness of Death Of The Bull holds the listener to it's rough hide and drags them into the underworld. Six-panel CD digifile.'

Track Listing:
01. Smrt Do Zimnego Zilncu (Death Of The Winter Sun) 03:38
02. Pisn Ourodъ (Song Of The God's Fool) 07:31
03. Crna Proljece (Black Spring) 06:47
04. Htona - Мо?а Majka (Chthonia Is My Mother) 07:28
05. Mij Lono Crne. Mu?e (My Womb Is Black. The Husband) 11:07
06. U Mom Srcu Starost (Hoar In My Heart) 06:10
07. Glas Do Gladnoj Majki. Trevodze (Voice Of A Hungry Mother. Anxiety) 03:59
08. Zrtvanosenje (The Sacrifice) 09:19
09. Poglosсjenne (The Devourment) 08:03
10. Bezplodje (The Infertility) 06:14
11. Mjertvo Pole. Place (The Field Of Death. Lamentation) 07:40

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