SHIBALBA : Samsara

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'Samsara Work summons five chthonic explorations using all the hallmark instrumentation of the genre to great effect; liturgical chants and spectral vocal incantations, minor keyboard orchestrations, resonant chimes and prayer bowls, ceremonial percussion, and atmospheric drift ensconced in sepulchral reverb. It’s a tapestry of richly detailed and layered sounds that emanate from candlelit chambers and underground passages, and an intoxicating and majestic homage to the darkest of arts.
We have entered the Halls of Inner Sadhana to re-unite Pilgrimage and Austerity, to gaze once more behind the Eyes of Samadhi, and to reach new starfields of alienation.Τhe Pyres of Agni and the Rays of the Darkest Sun. Bathed into the Solar Fire and drenched deep into the Astral Landscapes beyond Ursus Major, This Magickal Work Breath form to an Exaltation of the Gods.The Mission behind this Esoteric Art is to Guide the Subconsious of the Individual to Dream Beyond the Skin of Matter and to Dream in Ecstasy and Exaultion.
The Magical Trip is Boundless..'

1 The Magick Of Mirrors 8:10
2 Dharma And Alchemy 7:27
3 Stellar Oracle 10:57
4 Samsara 7:44
5 Nekyia 14:27

Mastered By – Christian Cambas

3-panel digipak

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