CURRENT 93 : Like Swallowing Eclipses (Dreamt By Andrew Liles)

  • Format: 6LP Box [DPROMBX76]
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  • Label: Dirter Promotions


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'originally released in 2010. For the first time on vinyl, the complete, highly-acclaimed Andrew Liles remixes of the first five classic Current 93 albums. Andrew Liles has re-imagined Nature Unveiled (1984), Dogs Blood Rising (1984), In Menstrual Night (1986), Dawn (1987) and Live at Bar Maldoror (1985). Also exclusive to this set is a sixth LP, Haunt Invocation (Apadno), which is a remixed version of Faust (2000) and A Special Plan (2000). These influential albums by Current 93 are regarded by many as ground-breaking and innovative -- building upon this, Andrew Liles has re-dreamt and re-imagined these pieces with the flare and vision that he is renowned and respected for. All the records in this 6LP set come in individual covers in a beautiful spot-varnished box and are adorned with astounding artwork by David Tibet and photographs by Simona Dalla Valle.'

Track Listing:
LP1: Dogs Blood Ascending -- A Remix By Andrew Liles
LP2: Dusk -- A Remix By Andrew Liles
LP3: Dead At Bar Maldoror -- A Remix By Andrew Liles
LP4: Nature Revealed -- A Remix By Andrew Liles
LP5: The End Of Red Dreams -- A Remix By Andrew Liles
LP6: Haunt Invocation (Apadno)

Performer – Current 93
Remix – Andrew Liles

All records come in individual sleeves with artwork by David Tibet and the box comes with a double sided 12" insert.
From the insert:
Andrew Liles dreams Current 93
Current 93 dreams Andrew Liles
The Material on these albums, that has now been dreamt by Andrew Liles, was originally performed and released by Current 93 on the following albums Nature Unveiled, Dogs Blood Rising, Nightmare Culture, Live At Bar Maldoror, In Menstrual Night, Dawn, I Have A Special Plan For This World and Faust.
I Have A Special Plan For This World was based on a text written by Thomas Ligotti and also made use of his collection of The Bungalow Tapes. Faust was inspired by the short story by Count Stenbock.
Limited to 1000 copies.

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