• Format: 10" [DC027]
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  • Label: Divine Comedy


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'After their 1st great full lenght (out in spring 2002), and an appearance on "Ombres et Lumières" (Jean-Marc Dauvergne’s v/a tribute), here is 3 brand new tracks from Othila on 10” vinyl format. This release will transport you back in time. You’ll be a witness of ancestral wars and middle ages occult rites…
To quote the leaflet :
"Another eons old tradition also has survived, passed from father to son for generations untold, is the rite every born daughter of britannia has to pass when reaching her 12th anniversary. This is a rite of wisdom and strenght, marking the passage from childhood to womanhood, and an hommage to the godess Yula..."
Othila’s rune doesn’t uphold any political meaning. Musically speaking, it moved from dramatic ambient to a most powerful and battlefield music, garmented with cornemuses and choirs dedicated to the young and mighty Yula...
This is music you will listen to over and over again...'

mp3: - "Act I" excerpt

A Acte I 6:45
B1 Acte II 3:39
B2 Acte III 3:37

Limited to 500 copies.
Includes an insert in French.

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