GENOCIDE ORGAN : In - Konflikt

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Finally repressed this 2005 album by Genocide Organ! It's been years since "The Truth Will Make You Free" was released in 1999. These 11 new tracks reflect the development of the band during the last five years--a mixture that ranges from industrial and power electronics to the dark, depressive, ambient-noise outbursts for which Genocide Organ is known. Genocide Organ doesn't reflect concrete events of any particular nature--this is an abstract questioning of everything with anything--a call to action that ends in a waste of energy--a call for a movement that is a waste of time--a nihilistic, pessimistic worldview that leads somewhere. We all just fill space and are part of "In-Konflikt." Available in either CD or LP format. CD is presented in a digipak with booklet.

- LP -

1 Moral Rear 6:01
2 Disobey Ends 5:00
3 Industrial Strife Pt. 2 5:33
4 We Care For You 3:37
5 Death Hypes 3:33
6 A Peculiar Crusade 4:06
7 Industrial Strife Pt. 1 6:52
8 No Better Culture 3:54
9 Industrial Strife Pt. 3 3:54
10 Black And Tans Are Noble 2:17
11 Conditio Humana 3:05

Mastered By [Uncredited] ? Andreas Wahnmann
Performer ? Brigant Moloch, D.A.X., Doc M. Riot, Wilhelm Herich

All material recorded and produced in Mannheim.
Embossed and spot-varnished digipak. Reworked booklet and new layout. Remastered for 2020 edition.
The catalog number "TESCO 060" appears on the spine, "060" appears on the rear cover in the label logo.

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