FIRE IN THE HEAD : Come Closer Cut Deeper

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'"FITH's grip is still as firm as ever, making Come Closer Cut Deeper's
music as loud and lyrics as cold and determined as his other works,
although compared to the magnificent Be My Enemy, CCCD's more direct, harsh noise-like approach is closer to Mr. Page's earlier releases. Nothing wrong with variation of course, releasing material that sounds exactly the same would definitely be a worse approach.

Even though the sounds used in the tracks are very similar to
each other throughout the album, the compositions themselves are wildly different in style, execution and general feeling. For example, Across Your Face offers shrieking high-pitch sounds while What You Can Never Do and The Art of Obliteration draw their power from a steady, beefy bass making them feel more immediate. As a good demonstration of the artist's versatility, The Last Thing You'll See combines piercing distortion with a choir-like background, which makes the track sound rather melancholy despite its loudness."'

1 What You Can Never Do 3:44
2 Lie To Me 4:19
3 Across Your Face 4:07
4 The Art Of Obliteration 3:49
5 Malfunction 4:13
6 The Last Thing You'll See 4:56
7 Tell Me You Care 4:51
8 Face Fucked 3:35
9 What I Must Do (V.II) 4:00

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