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BASTARD NOISE / AMPS FOR CHRIST : The Crossroads Of Agony / Cliff Parade (Cassette)

  • フォーマット: Tape [TLAL205]
  • 重量: 0.08kg
  • レーベル: To Live A Lie




元Man Is The BastardのEric WoodによるBastard Noiseと同じく元Man Is The BastardのHenry BarnesによるAmps For Christのスプリットアルバム。
Bastard Noiseは18分弱の超ヘビー級パワーエレクトロニクス!!
Amps For ChristはMan Is The Bastardを彷彿させるハードコアなサウンドからフィールド録音やインダスノイズ等もあって多彩。
Bastard NoiseにはW.T. Nelsonと当店店長毛利桂も参加!!
レコードバージョンもあります ---> こちら。

(カセットテープはBastard Noise側が白色、Amps For Christ側が黒色のツートンカラーです。スリーブのデザインは両面同じで黒地に白文字と白地に黒文字のツートンになっています。スリーブの折り方を白地を表側にしたものと黒地を表にしたものの2バージョンあります。スリーブの折り方が違うだけで全く同じものです。)

Bicolor (one side of tape is white/one is black) limited to /150.

A Bastard Noise - The Crossroads Of Agony
B1 Amps For Christ - Avion Aper
B2 Amps For Christ - How We Burn
B3 Amps For Christ - Cookie Jar
B4 Amps For Christ - Bird Revolt
B5 Amps For Christ - Valley Of Ashes
B6 Amps For Christ - Mace

'Two noise powerhouses come full force into symbiosis on one ferocious and undefinable plate of wax. Amps For Christ bring the aural equivalent Jodorowsky film to life – both beautiful and confusing. Laid forth are strange landscapes, some of other worlds and some of birds chirping just like in your backyard. Lots of Barnes masterfully riffing on odd stringed instruments, god-like chanting, and Wood even provides bass and noise on tracks to drench this strange world with a film of grit. The Amps For Christ side is like walking through a strange world, and the Bastard Noise is a descent through purgatory down into hell. Drone noise drenched with austere bleakness that it is hard to imagine the world you heard on the other side. Wood is also joined by multi-instrumentalist W.T. Nelson and Katsura Mouri. This is truly a split that challenges norms and with the lack of normal structure and expectations this album lets you lose yourself and allows you to fully dive into your subconscious..'


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