KOUFAR : Phoenicianism

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'“Phoenicianism is an attempt to put on display the further identity crisis that many of the Lebanese face. Whether its over there, or here in America the confusion reigns supreme. Arab or Phoenician? Western or Eastern? Christian or Muslim? Identity often dictates politics, but with the Lebanese that is not consistent. Historically the only thing consistent is instability. An instability creating frictions that slowly grind against one another until the only eastern answer is reached, violence. Caught between Eastern values and Western luxuries.This album attempts to reflect all of this, while mixing in the artists own personal experiences of living a life of dualism. Misbaha beads or “Worry” beads? Christ or Shams? Allah or Mawt? Walk the edge of the boxcutters razor and make your offering.”'

1 Unstable By Nature (There) 6:24
2 Unstable By Nature (Here) 4:32
3 Mawt 10:43
4 Checkpoint In Al-Qaa 4:42
5 Snobbery II 4:52
6 You Have Your Lebanon And I Have Mine 15:00
7 I Would Cut Off My Right Hand To Not Be Arab 12:59

Artwork [Logo] – Simon Clark
Design [Digipack Design] – Aldo Volpe
Remastered By – Andy Lippoldt

Phoenicianism was recorded in Oakland, CA in 2017. Originally released on Nil By Mouth in 2017 in an edition of 90 copies.
Lebanon was and always will be the mistress of hysteria. Lebanon was and always will be schizophrenic. Zena El Khalil.
All praises due to God, Olegh, Aldo, Andy, Sam and Sa3d Akl (Allah yirhamnuh ya habibi).
Released in a full-colour matte-laminated 6-panel Digipak in edition of 300 copies.

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