RLW : Flurry Of Delusion

  • フォーマット: CD [DPROMCD129]
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  • レーベル: Dirter Promotions


元P16.D4のRalf Wehowskyの2010年2月の録音。

1 Within An Unreliable Narration 4:23
2 He Found Himself Facing His Painful Reality 9:40
3 Without Subterfuge Or Cosmetic Disguise 6:17
4 Or Was It A Delusion Of Fury 4:00
5 Before 4:24
6 An Unexpected Causal Reversal 1:59
7 Let Him End Up 5:10
8 In Narrative Loops 7:31

Cover ? T.Poem

Limited to 500 copies. Comes in a digipak.

'basic recordings for flurry of delusion were done in february 2010 (using instruments like guitar, oud, saz, harmophone, motors, weevil, turntables & percussion) by rlw (with the participation of giuseppe ielasi).
for the compositions only small portions of the original recordings were used, rearranged, transformed and morphed.
first drafts were customised late 2010/early 2011, a fundamental revision was undertaken in 2014, the final versions were realised in 2016.
all parts relate to each other and nothing is what it seems to be.'

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