L.O.S.D. : Mort Aux Vaches

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Peter FleurによるL.O.S.D.。
FM放送の開発者のEdwin Howard ArmstrongやLee de Forest、David Sarnofに捧げた作品で、ラジオ放送のオリジネーターの歴史観的作品。
おなじみライブレコーディングシリーズMort Aux Vaches。
97年 600枚限定。


1 Untitled 13:36
2 Untitled 10:34
3 Untitled 14:33
4 Untitled 14:40
Performer [All Instruments], Producer ? Peter Fleur

Hand numbered limited edition of 600.
From the inside sleeve: "Dedicated to: Edwin Howard Armstrong, Lee de Forest and David Sarnof.
These recordings were made specially for Radio broadcast with a historic view to the originators of the radio broadcast. All compositions created with the sounds and voices, in the spirit of the early experiments with wireless transmissions, and the further evolution of the medium to the broadcast of this live recording on national Dutch radio, resulting in this CD, that could take a further step in the evolution by being transformed to wireless waves of audio over and over again.
Equipment used: EMAX II, MS 20, MS 50, Gnat and tape sources."

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