JESSE OSBORNE-LANTHIER : Left My Brain @ Can Paixano (La Xampanyeria) OST

  • フォーマット: USED 2LP [SPCTR015]
  • 重量: 0.47kg
  • レーベル: Haunter



Raster-Noton等からの作品でおなじみモントリオールのエレクトロ・アーティストJesse Osborne-Lanthierの2020年作。

A1 Catchment Areas (Spiritual Pollution) 5:26
A2 Self Care, Covered In Potting Soil 5:11
A3 Bass Skull Freq 2:24
A4 Aegis (For Madison Justine Dinelle) 3:44
A5 Scamming Shaman Pin 2:25
A6 What Dreams Are Made Of (To Live And Love In Villeray) 0:32
A7 Separation Anxiety (Ghosted By R) 0:33
A8 Plump Then Worldwide 0:48
A9 Mutek Baloné 2:44
B10 Always Thought There'd Be (For Arna Salsa Salad And Rubén Patiño) 0:57
B11 Heat And Salinity 5:10
B12 No Nobles Just Added To Their Story 5:43
B13 L'Ode Aux Millénaires 1:07
B14 Godlike Paywall 3:05
B15 Supercritical Liquid Information 3:48
C16 GMAX Corp Staff Gym 3:29
C17 Disused Leisureplex 1:53
C18 Trailer Trope Gank 1:47
C19 S.H.A.D.O.W.F.X.U.N.I.T. Preset Police 4:58
C20 Neck Soap 1:55
C21 A Soft Skill (Commensalism) 2:42
C22 Hypochondria Leaflet 0:39
C23 Quality Of Life Trance 2:53
D24 Besetting Fugue (For Daniele Guerrini) 4:27
D25 Sarcoline (Maman) 1:04
D26 IT5INYR-H34RT 3:09
Featuring – v1984
D27 Eh Op He Op Ho Pe Oh Pe Op Eh Op He Pe Ho Pe Oh 7:20
D28 Cable Car 3:35
Featuring – Marie Davidson

Artwork [Installation], Photography By – Adrian Altman
Composed By, Producer, Design – Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Design, Layout, Artwork [Additional] – Jesse Osborne-Lanthier
Lacquer Cut By – GREG
Mastered By – Heba Kadry
Producer [Additional Production], Arranged By [Arrangement Assistance] – Asaël Robitaille

Composed between 2015 and 2020 in Montreal, New York, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, Tokyo, Stockholm, Osaka and Shanghai.
Produced in Montreal.
With 4-panel insert.
Tracks are listed as numbered sequentially on both the jacket and the insert.

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