• Format: 7" [Melk04]
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  • Label: Melektronik


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'The second single in the Safe as Milk/Melektronikk collaborative Milkland series brings together two subjects that couldn't be more opposite from each other, and that seems to be part of the point. Safe as Milk is a Norwegian label that releases acts more rock in nature, while its sister label Melektronikk specializes in acts that are experimental electronic; so any collaboration between the two will have mixed effects on the psyche, as this one does in spades. Milkland 2 features Vibracathedral Orchestra, whose music easily reminds me of asylums. Not the patients, mind you, because I think this music would drive them even more over the edge if they heard it; but I clearly feel the waiting rooms and observation stations where you can actually see the afflicted in this music. I imagined an entire dance troupe of loonies, or as I called them the Psychotic Conservatory, flailing around in anger, sitting in the middle of the floor chanting nonsense, and crying while jumping up and down. "Rain Gutter Teasing Rusty Cat Sneezing" is an amalgam of instruments and sounds that is not easily digested or understood, and although I found it at the same time interesting and unnerving, it made me want to listen to their atonal drone more. Phonophani, on the other hand, a side project of Alog member Espen Sommer Eide, is manic noise of a far different sort. Beeps and bloops are the main percussion of "Bees - They Will Sting You" for a few seconds, then layer upon layer of flourish and glitch are added on top, compelling the rhythm and tone into some bizarre robotic choreography. Eventually, it seems as though the machines are acting on their own accord, no longer caring or paying attention to what the human programming them is asking or wants. Wonderfully creative music from both artists, even though it makes me ponder whether either has a screw or two loose.'

A Vibracathedral Orchestra - Rain Gutter Teasing Rusty Cat Sneezing -
B Phonophani - Bees - They Will Sting You -

Milky white vinyl. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
"Milkland - Where ends meet"

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