V.A. : Sulla Giostra Nell'Ombra

  • Format: 12" [VPN005]
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  • Label: Violet Poison


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The fifth release on Violet Poison is a compilation of fresh artists working in the camp of experimental and extreme techno. First up is O/H, Ontario Hospital, the power electronics project from Canadian duo Richard Oddie, half of Orphx, and Dave Foster, better known as Teste/Huren, the legendary Probe/Plus8/Zhark producer. Here they provide a powerful industrial track enhanced by distorted vocals and pounding low-end. Sunil Sharpe provides "Ground Skull," a heavy production with sinister bells and delirious vocals, while Ontal continue the theme with breakbeat techno and ambient drones. CSA, the new ambient project of Ascion, finishes with "Overture", a cacophonous, roiling, near-beatless number.

Disc 1
Side A
01. O/H (Rich Oddie aka Orphx and Huren) - Delirium Tremens
02. Sunil - Sharpe Ground Skull Dust
Side B
03. Ontal - Function
04. CSA - Overture

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